Planned Giving

Welcome! We are pleased that you have an interest in learning about the many benefits of making a planned gift.

Planned Giving

Welcome! We are pleased that you have an interest in learning about the many benefits of making a planned gift.

The Beehive Society

A Legacy Left. A Community Nurtured.

Consider Joining the Beehive Society

Members of the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain's Beehive Society have ensured the well-being of their community for years to come through establishment of a future gift. The Beehive Society is an ideal way to leave your legacy. For more information, contact Kaylah Smith at 860.229.6018, ext. 305.

We thank and acknowledge these generous community stewards.

Founders (joined before December 31, 1996)

Diane Alverio and John* Melley
Vic and Jane Darnell*
Donald Davidson
Don and Virginia Davis*
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Dickman*
Ronald F.L.* and Alice Gilrain
Elizabeth M. Livingston
Natalie Pollock
Susan and John Rathgeber
Catharine M. Rogers*
Atty. Robert A. Scalise, Jr.
Stanley and Bernice Shepard*
H. Isabel Westlake*
Geoff* and Jean Young


Dr. Ann-Margaret Anselmo
William and Bette Batchelor*
Dr. and Mrs. Justus S. Beach*
Robert and Rosemary Conway Beaupré
Elizabeth J. Berry*
Nathan and Eleanor Berry*
Adolph J. Betterini*
Florence T. Bialkowski*
Irene B. Bialkowski*
Judith Weld Brown*
Elizabeth M. Carlson*
James Chamberlain*
Leonard G. Clough
Catherine C. Conway*
Fred A. Damiani
Henrietta Demorat*
Anna T. Deutsch*
Karen T. Ellsworth
Woody Exley
Frances and Patrick Gallagher
Marie S. Gustin
John "Nox" and Cherry Howard*
Curtis and Degi Jennings*
Edith M. Johnson*
Ted and Nancy Johnson
William H. Judd, Jr.*
Kenneth and Christine Julian
James W. Kloiber
David Roy Kovacs*
Stanley and Anelia Kustra*
Doug* and Donna Lasher Rutola
Charles and Joan Leach
Helen G. and Constant* E. Leach
Gertrude Lofgren*
Robert J. Loughery*
Helen M. Lynch*
Stanley J. Markiewicz*
Elizabeth I. and Louis J. Matt*
Andrew J. and Frances W. Meade
J. Edward and Justine B. Melson*
Robert A. Mugford
Stanley and Margaret Nowacki*
Frances P. Parker*
Myrna M. Pauloz*
Lois and Hugh Penney
Olga Plocharczyk
Virginia Potter
Constance Rachac*
Atty. and Mrs.* Robert A. Scalise
Frank W. Schade*
Art and Trish Schaller
Joseph and Christine Schribert*
Lorraine Semnoski
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Spurvey*
Esther B. Stanley*
Georgia Knapp Thomson*
Anna T. Thornton*
Marjorie Wright Tomlinson*
Spencer P. Torell*
The Rev. Victoria Triano
Jeannette C. Varkal
Helen P. G. and John C. Vibberts*
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Way*
D.J. Harry and Sylvia Webb
The Wellman Family
Esther Werner*
* Deceased